Female Head & Face

Sketch in more details, and start making the lines of the face and features sharper. Keep the eyebrows thin. Add eyelashes, trying to keep them more as a solid mass than as individual lashes. Add detail to the ears and notice how the cheekbones slightly protrude and how the jaw extends; the curve of the jaw should roughly be on the same horizontal line as the mouth. Draw a female's jaw less wide than you would a male's. Draw lips of a size you like. The top lip may extend a little farther to the sides than the bottom lip; sometimes it doesn't. Loosely sketch where the hairline will be, noticing where it indents on the sides (I prefer to draw females without a widow's peak, in order to keep the features smooth, round, and non-angular).
Front: Note how the chin and the straight part of the bottom lip are the same width as the nose is at the nostrils.
Side: Notice how the eye is shaped similar to a slice of pie.

Add irises and pupils to the eyes, and if you like, add a line for the eyelid fold. Add lines for a neck, keeping the neck thin.
Front: The widest point of the neck should be no wider than the outside corners of the eyes.
3/4: Notice how the back of the neck curves from the ear.
Side: While some hair does grow on the nape of the neck, make sure to sketch where the bottom of the bulk of hair will grow. Note that sometimes the entire jawline does not always stand out in contrast to the neck. Note the line from the chin to the throat, which may be higher up and may curve in or out more.

Sketch the hairstyle of your choosing. Sketch the hair in masses, not as individual strands. If you feel the need, sketch some arrows in the direction the hair falls, curves, and curls. Keep in mind that hair grows out from the head, then gravity pulls it down. Hairstyling and type of hair both play an important roll in how the hair sits. Notice how the hair can hide more of the face depending on the angle of the head.

Add detail to the hair in a manner of your choosing. Some people like to draw strands all the way from root to tip, some people like to draw a bunch of short, individual lines, some people like to concentrate their lines in the areas of more shadow. Notice how hair often frays a bit at the tips. (Side Note: I erased part of the line of the jaw in the profile picture in order to soften the jaw line. This can also be done in the 3/4 view if you like.)

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